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Our website (hereinafter referred to as "the website") uses cookies. Cookies are short text files or small packets of information stored by the Internet browser on your terminal device (personal computer, mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) when you visit different web pages (sites) on the Internet.
General information about cookies
"Cookies have the main purpose of making the user recognizable when they return to the same website. Some cookies save user behaviour on the website and aim to make it easier for users to use. For example, cookies are used to save your website display settings, such as navigation language, font size, contrast used by your device, preferences for results, for search and for notifications, as well as saving information about whether you have accepted the use of cookies by this website.
Technical information on how cookies work is widely available on the Internet.

Use of cookies on this website
Our website is owned and operated by New Wave Trade Ltd, UIC 204632558, with registered office and registered address. Our registered office and registered office is located at 1836, Poduyane district, Sofia. "5, app. 188.
On our website, cookies are used to facilitate the use of the website by users, to improve the performance of the website, and to store information about user behaviour. The information stored in the manner described cannot identify you as an individual and therefore the rules on data protection do not apply to its collection. The information collected by cookies is most often used for the purpose of analyzing user behavior on the website, and its use is in aggregate form. The use of the information collected through cookies will allow us to improve the content and functionality of the website, as well as user paths.
The following types of cookies are used on the website:
Session cookies
This type of cookie aims to make it easier for visitors (users) of the website by storing information temporarily - only for the time period of the session of the browser you are using. Most often, the information that is stored with them covers the data about the type of products added to the basket of our online store, data about the type of section (section) of our website that you have visited, data about the way (by what route) you have reached the relevant information. Precisely because of their characteristic of storing information for the duration of the session, so-called session cookies are automatically deleted when you leave the website or terminate your browser session. They do not collect information about your end device.
Permanent cookies
Persistent cookies enable your browser to be recognised the next time you visit. They collect information about your visits to the website, how you got to the website, the pages you viewed, the options you selected, referrals from our website. The storage period of these cookies depends on their specific purpose.
These types of cookies and the information collected through them allow us to improve the functionality of the website we own and operate, to correct errors and to improve and enhance the content available on the website.

  1. "Third party cookies
    This website contains links to other websites as well as embedded content on other websites, e.g. Facebook, Instagram.
    There is a possibility that, when you visit these websites or open their content, cookies from them ("third party cookies") may be stored on your terminal device. Please be advised that we have no control over either the generation or management of such third party cookies.
    Managing cookies on this page
    Most commonly available Internet browsers allow the management of cookies. By using your browser on your end device, you will be able to control the cookies we receive. You can change the settings on your browser so that existing cookies are deleted or so that the automatic placement of cookies (including third party cookies) is blocked.
    Please note that if you choose to delete or block cookies, this may affect the functionality of this website. This in turn could lead, for example, to the difficulty or impossibility of making purchases, adding products to the "basket" in the online store, as well as potentially hindering other functionalities for technical reasons.
    Disabling and blocking cookies
    From your browser settings you can control, disable or block cookies. These settings vary according to your chosen internet browser. General information about cookie settings: