Children's ukrainian hair - 44 cm, 79 g

Children's, undyed hair from ukraine. The main color is dark blond, around level eight, with lighter highlights. The hair is fine, silky soft, with a straight structure. On request, it can be made into keratin bonds, tape-in or wefts. Only the whole quantity is available for sale.
On request it can be made into keratin strands,stickers or shakes.
Only the whole quantity is available for sale.
Weight: 79 g
Length: 44 cm

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The hair in this category is the highest quality of hair. Donated mainly by children and young girls, they are intended for connoisseurs of luxury. Each one of the hair is from a different person, has different color and texture. This is the so-called "Virgin" hair. Never colored and never bleached. The donors are mainly from Bulgaria, but also from Ukraine and southern Russia.
All of these extremely luxurious bulks of hair, at your request can easily become a weft hair, keratin or tape hair.


Weight 0.079 kg
Dimensions 44 cm


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